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School Heath Services in India | Why we should have Medical Centres in Schools, Colleges and Corporate? | Best Medical Centre providers in Delhi.

School Heath Services in India | Why we should have Medical Centres in Schools, Colleges and Corporate? | Best Medical Centre providers in Delhi.

School Health Services In India

School health services can be defined as coordinated system that ensures a continuum of care from school to home to community health care provider and back. The goal of school health service is different in many states, communities, school districts and individual schools.

The factors which are responsible for the variations in the school health service are:-

  • Student needs
  • Community resources for health care
  • Available funding
  • Local preference
  • Leadership for providers of school health services
  • The view of health services held by school administrators
  • Other key decision makers in the school systems


Goals of a school health program

  1. Ensure access to primary health care
  2. Provide mandated screening and immunization monitoring
  3. Provide a system for dealing with crisis medical situations
  4. Provide systems for identification and solution of students’ health and educational problems
  5. Provide a healthful and safe school environment that facilitates learning
  6. Provide comprehensive and appropriate health education
  7. Provide a system of evaluation of the effectiveness of the school health program

Over 2.3 billion school age children, across the globe spend one third of their time in schools. Therefore, schools should provide a unique environment to help children and adolescents to develop a positive outlook on life and help them establish healthy lifestyles. School aged children must be provided with the health promotion, prevention and health care services.

Why we should have Medical Centres in Schools, Colleges and Corporate?

Medical centres are always necessary to deal with any kind of medical emergency in schools, colleges or corporate. It is generally staffed by health care workers like nurses and doctors. These professionals are well trained to deal with any kind of medical emergency which can be providing first aid or some treatment that is required to save patient’s life, before taking the patient to the hospital.

Getting health care for your child can be complicated as most of the doctors only offer appointments during the school day, and their clinics might be far from school. To see the doctor, the child might have to miss school and the parents might have to leave work which isn’t always possible. These school-based medical centres make going to the doctor as simple as walking down the hall.

Best Medical Centre providers in Delhi

When you are searching for the company that provides best medical centre then Empathy solutions can be contacted in this regard. This company is the best medical centre providers in Delhi. It is an organization which is specialized in providing solution to every problem in Hospital & Healthcare Industry. It is renowned in this sphere for the splendid services provided to the clients.

Empathy Solutions is an experienced operator in Hospital, Healthcare, and Tourism & Travel Industry. Over the years, with experience & reliable services, Empathy Solutions have provided excellent medical care clubbed with pleasant and memorable holidays in India for their clients from all over the world.

The organization has tie-up with more than 500 hospitals in India & about 50 hospitals all over the world. Thereby it is competent enough to deal with various types of ailments which the patient is suffering from.

Empathy Solutions also deals with Emergency Management by providing Standby Medical Services in big events like Trade shows, Exhibitions, Travel Groups etc. to avoid any untoward incident and to deal with any medical emergency during the event in India and Abroad.

Empathy Solutions also offers the option of combining the holidays in India with a medical package. Travel to India for the festive season, and combine your visit to family and friends and a tour of scenic attractions, with a medical checkup. You can easily tour of India with short term medical procedures, such a Cardiac Health Test, Cosmetic Surgery, Eye Care, Dental Care, Orthopedic Surgery, Heart Surgery etc.

The company offer complete travel solutions in India. It also ensures the airport pickup, hotel accommodation and trip to tourist places as per your need. It also provides air ambulance transfers from the country of the client and also provides road ambulance transfers from the airport to the Hospital or Hotel.

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