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Standby Medical Services

Standby Services

We provide medically trained and certified staff for on-site pre-hospital medical care. Any level of care from single attendants to full medical teams comprised of professional personnel such as:

  • Paramedics.
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (Staff nurses).
  • Emergency First Responders (Medical technicians).
  • Fire Fighters (Paired with Paramedics for Motor Sport Events, Emergency Extrication)

Our on – site services include any indoor or outdoor event, show, festival, religious meet, and we provide:

  • 24 Hour/365 day medical standby services.
  • Ambulance Type Vehicles with on board Oxygen, Suction, Airway Management, Trauma, Defibrillator and Symptom Relief Medication
  • Detailed clinical reports for every patient treated.
  • First Aid Posts / Tent
  • Paramedic Bicycles.
  • All other required equipments.

First Aid Station – We can provide a first aid station just about anywhere. Our station provides shelter from the environment and will be staffed to meet your individual needs. Or perhaps you need a stationary site where people can find medical attention.



We shall provide the following:

  1. All kinds of Emergency drugs. (Only tablet forms, no injections).
  2. Complete First aid box.
  3. Trained nurse, paramedic
  4. One Stretcher.
  5. Splints


Recommended for:

  • Wedding ceremonies.
  • Small gatherings.
  • Business meetings.

There are option(s) of keeping an ambulance stand-by available for variety of events.

Option No. 1.

On site ambulance standby.

Option No. 2.

Ambulance on call. The equipped ambulance shall be rushed in case of emergency. The radio or mobile communication shall be available with the base.


All the above mentioned facilities plus.

  • Trained Emergency Physician
  • Complete set or Emergency drugs and disposable IV fluids. Onsite AED and advance life support care.

Recommended for

  • School sports day.
  • Large religious gathering
  • Exhibition and “Mela” grounds

The above said facilities can be provided on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. The cost of the services shall be depending on the size of the gathering and a few other details which shall be worked up on case to case basis. There are various options for ambulances available.

Complete medical intensive care unit

This is a small room that would cater to all kinds of medical problems. The structure and function of this would be similar to an accident and emergency room of a large hospital. The medical equipment shall be the best available in the healthcare industry.

This unit shall be manned by Emergency Physician from the field of accident and Emergency with experience from the Intensive care units of large hospitals. There shall also be trained paramedic. An experienced nursing aid and a medical technician shall also be posted for 24 hrs a day.


This unit would be providing

  • Basic First aid and treat general medical problems.
  • Initial management and stabilizing of all kind of Medical Emergencies.
  • Advanced Cardiac life support facility.
  • Complete medical care to the injured and the critically ill causality.

After the initial management of the medical Emergency on need basis the patient would be shifted from this unit on an advanced life support ambulance (appropriate medical transport according to the medical condition) to the nearest hospital.

Stand by Medical Facility

  • First Aid centre with paramedic stand – by
    • First aid Counter at shopping mall / business center.
    • First aid Center at a large public gathering.
    • First aid Cell for a short business meeting.
    • First aid table for Wedding, and parties.
  • Ambulance Stand-by
    • Basic Ambulance standby with paramedic.
    • Basic Ambulance standby with doctor.
    • Advanced cardiac life support Ambulance with paramedic
    • Advanced cardiac life support ambulance with Emergency Physician.
  • Medical Treatment room
    • Dispensary unit with Nurse cum dresser includes basic medicines.
    • Dispensary unit with nurse and Doctor with Injections and wound stitching facility.
  • Emergency Room
    • All Emergency Drugs, disposables. Emergency Physician. Nurse/Paramedic.
    • The above Facilities with dispensing unit for Common medical emergencies.
  • Complete intensive care and trauma unit
    • The complete ICU. All emergency care equipment. All emergency drugs, IV fluids, disposable Nebulizers, Cardiac monitor, transport ventilator, ICU bed cum recovery trolley. Treatment and observation facilities. Manned by Trained Emergency Physician and a team of paramedics and technicians. This unit can manage almost all kinds of medical Emergencies, accident and trauma.
    • The above facility with dispensing unit for common medical emergencies.


Basic requirements for setting up the unit

  1. A room not less than 15f *15f
  2. The room should be Air conditioned or well ventilated, and well lit.
  3. A Washbasin.
  4. Six outlets of 220V with power failure backup.
  5. Attached bathroom.
  6. Easy access to the road or the Ambulance parked in the vicinity.



  • MICU Ambulance – A mobile intensive care unit providing ALS care, staffed with Doctor, certified paramedics and emergency medical technicians can be provided for any type of event.
  • BLS Medical Team – This team comprised of Emergency Medical Technicians, have the qualifications and equipment to provide you with basic life support. Capabilities include: Basic airway management, oxygen delivery, applying dressings and bandages, spine stabilization, splitting of extremities, monitoring vital signs, and administering CPR.
  • ALS Medical Team – This team is comprised of Doctors and Paramedics who are certified and equipped to provide BLS capabilities, as well as: Advanced airway management, cardiac monitoring and defibrillation, IV administration, administer life saving drugs, and handle severe medical emergencies.

Set Medic – Production Companies often need EMS personnel on site for movies and commercials due to the risk of injury during stunt work, rigging, and aerial work. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to handle any type of situation that may occur during film shoots.

Bike Teams – Do you have a large area to cover? Our bike teams are a perfect solution! Our mountain bikes are equipped to handle any type of emergency and provide a rapid response though congested areas. A must have for any type of race!

Motorbike team – The motorcycle is Powered 350 CC Enfield India operated by trained nurse paramedic. The motorcycles carry Oxygen, airway adjuncts,



Our On Site Medical Services not only provide event medical coverage for professional and amateur sports, concerts etc, but we also provide medical standby for movie film productions, music videos etc.

For the Film and Television Productions we provide in addition to our standard on-site medical service;

  • Professional Appearance for extras or special skills
  • Ambulances available for picture vehicles
  • A full compliment of medical equipment
  • Consultation for medical scene authenticity
  • Set dressings

We are committed to provide the best level of care at affordable rates. With an on-staff physician, specialized equipment and our highly trained pre-hospital staff, no company is better suited to provide standby medical services for your events or workplace

We offer several types of medical teams to meet the exact needs of your event. We can help you evaluate your individual needs in order to provide you with professional, quality, and cost-effective, on-site care.

We can customize a medical coverage program for any event size or venue. For further information about our onsite medical services and rates, Let our team of professionals design a medical coverage plan for your convention or event today!